Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center

Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center

Thank you for your interest in Columbia Fencers’ Club. We are a registered USA Fencing “Member Club” located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Have fun learning the footwork and blade actions of this dynamic Olympic sport. Fencers enjoy many benefits including exercise, health and fitness, mental focus, tactical thinking, social opportunities, competitive challenge, recreation, personal growth, theatrical appreciation, and more. Discover its benefits for yourself! Class is led by former US World Championship Team member and former #1 Ranked Fencer in North America – Dr. Jane Littmann.

CFC members are beginners through advanced level fencers, including youth (ages 9 and older) through adults (of all ages). CFC meets at the Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center, 306 Flora Dr., Columbia, SC 29223. Classes are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 PM. There is “Open Fencing” after that.  No previous experience is needed. Most club members attend both days, but others attend only on Tuesdays or only on Thursdays. When someone enrolls, I coordinate a time to meet with them before their first class to provide an individualized introduction to the concepts and skills that will enable them to follow along when they join in with the class group.

You are welcome to visit and observe a class. It is a Fundamentals class. I adapt each class according to who is in it and their levels so that everyone will progress in his/her skills and enjoyment of the game. There is no charge to visit and observe, and no obligation to enroll. We accept new fencers throughout the month and year.

Cost*: $75 per month (includes class once a week) or $95 (includes classes twice a week)*

*USA Fencing Membership is also required of all participants since Columbia Fencers’ Club is an insured Member Club of USA Fencing. A $10 one-time fee payable at the first class covers USA Fencing membership through July 31, 2020. Dues discounts are available to JCC members.

USA Fencing members not paying CFC monthly dues may Drop In for a fee of $20 per visit.

Equipment Policy: All equipment will be provided for new fencers for their first month or two to give them an opportunity to try out this sport without having to purchase a set of gear. After two months, we recommend they purchase their own starter set. A complete (7 piece) new beginner set costs about $200, and includes a foil, mask, jacket, glove, underarm protector, plastic chest protector, and a fencing bag. But if the fencer prefers, he or she can continue to use the club equipment for a rental fee of $30 per month.

Class participants are expected to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes (athletic footwear). No shorts, and no sandals, crocs, boots, heels, or dress shoes are permitted for everyone’s safety.

It’s a terrific sport for all ages! Our club and classes meet year ‘round.

Thanks for your interest. Please let me know if you have additional questions. You can contact me at JRL5837@yahoo.com or 803-781-0056, or the Kahn JCC at 803-787-2023.